Protégé Podcast Interviews Kim Robinson

Protégé Podcast Interviews Kim Robinson

In this final episode of the International Professional series, Rory Verrett of Protégé Podcast interviews Kim Robinson. Kim is the founder and CEO of Renaissance Strategic Solutions. She is also an attorney, human rights leader, and social entrepreneur. “Though bullish on business opportunities on the continent, Kim gets candid about the regulatory, financial, and cultural challenges to launching a small business in Africa. Our conversation is about being a witness to history, taking a non-linear path in your career, and getting comfortable with ambiguity”.

Here is a Taste of this Protégé Podcast

  • How did you come to live in South Africa full-time?
  • What motivated you, in retrospect, to take this leap [of living and working in South Africa]?
  • Why not apply your talents in an American business context?
  • Compared to the United States, what is different about being a social entrepreneur in South Africa?
  • Has doing business in South Africa become easier or harder during the time that you have been there?
  • What barriers did you have to overcome in successfully doing business in South Africa?
  • When you think about the American clients you work with, who interested in working in South Africa or perhaps even starting businesses in South Africa, what are some emerging trends that you see?
  • What would you tell an entrepreneur in the United States who is interested in expanding oversees?
  • In terms of the regulatory or financial barriers that might exist, what should American entrepreneurs consider before making the leap to start a business or take their business to South Africa?
  • What would you tell the 25-year old Kim Robinson who planned to pursue a traditional linear career?
  • Do you have any advice or tips on applying for a Fulbright Scholarship?
  • What advice would you have for someone interested in working abroad, specifically in Sub-Saharan Africa?

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