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Creative Advocacy

Fostering Creativity

Our Stories Matter Because We Matter

Ten years ago, Kim Robinson would not have considered herself a creative. She was a lawyer. What she knew of filmmaking came from her immersion in films: seeing them, thinking about them, and reading about them. It wasn’t enough; she wanted more. She wanted to be the Chinua Achebe of film. She wanted to help African people and Black people everywhere to tell their stories. She has. She met Akin Omotoso in 2011, and it was then that she came out of the closet as a creative. In 2015, she was one of the Associate Producers of his award-winning film, “Tell Me Sweet Something.” This South African romantic comedy is remarkably complex. It broke records, broke stereotypes, and broke barriers. In “Tell Me Sweet Something”, Black love is healthy and complex, not pathological and Johannesburg is a fun and functional city. Through raising funds to help people tell their stories, Renaissance upends stereotypes and disrupts the narrative.

Our Creative Advocacy Services

It Is Time to Flip the Script

Renaissance’s Creative Advocacy branch raises funds and builds relationships so that people can tell their stories. It helps get the stories told that otherwise would not get told. Kim is the heart of this branch of Renaissance. She combines passion and professionalism to act as a creative catalyst. She is the suit that the creative brings to the meeting to help get the creative vision realised. Renaissance’s Creative Advocacy branch offers the following services to creatives, investors, and funders:

  • Raising capital for film and television
  • Promoting the role of arts and culture in society

Client Matters

Current and Potential Clients

Our Clients Include

  • Rififi Films
  • Bolobathaba Media
  • AR Film Studios, London
  • Princess Behaviour Enterprises

Potential Clients

  • Investors
  • Funders
  • Creatives