Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions

Capacity Building

Renaissance’s Strategic Solutions branch develops capacity and enables potential. The fundamentals are essential. Ethical conduct; clear and practical strategic plans for management and boards; consistency in company policies; and shared vision are key to ensuring that organisations perform optimally. To this end, we offer a variety of capacity building services: training, facilitation, induction, and team building. We co-create solutions with organisations and individuals working in Africa to enable them to achieve their objectives – for both profit and purpose.

Our Strategic Solution Services

Renaissance’s Strategic Solutions branch offers several services to government departments, companies, corporates, SMEs, as well as NGOs and non-profits.

  • Strategic planning
  • Training and facilitation
  • Employee induction
  • Ethics education
  • Team building
  • Conflict and dispute resolution
  • USAID procedures

Case Studies

Client Challenge

  • Start-up, NGO board with divergent opinions and no shared vision
  • Disunity in management team and pressure to deliver under new business plan
  • NGO transitioning from inception to next level of operation
  • Incoherence and inconsistency re: internal policies, undermining delivery
  • Non-transparency regarding employee matters


  • Dialogue and process resulting in a united vision, clear strategy, and a practical implementation plan
  • Reality-based team building through Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to enable decision making at the retreat and implementation at the workplace
  • Engage management, board, and stakeholders to produce an  implementation plan and funding strategy. Provide clear communications for beneficiaries, funders, and potential allies
  • Full audit and re-engineering of systems and procedures to improve accountability and performance
  • Draft and develop performance management system for all levels of the organisation

Our Valued Clients

Our Clients Include

  • Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa
  • Merck
  • Roth Media
  • NEPAD Business Foundation
  • Graca Machel Trust
  • Nthutuko Foundation
  • ProBono.Org
  • Oxfam

Potential Clients

  • SMEs who want to raise their game
  • NGOs and non-profits
  • Corporates
  • Government departments