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Renaissance Strategic Solutions Offers Services to a Variety of Clients
LEGAL ADVISORY Law firms and businesses require legally credible and culturally sensitive relationships. Thus, we advise, build relationships, and solve disputes. We build bridges between Africa and the US. We have networks and connections across both continents.
Law firms and businesses
STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS We enable people and businesses to flourish. We offer capacity building services. In addition, we train, assist with strategic planning, and consult on USAID procedures. Uniquely, we also provide ethics training. We unleash untapped potential.
Corporates, SMEs and NGOs
CREATIVE ADVOCACY This branch of Renaissance serves two functions. First, it enables and encourages storytelling. It primarily assists through the raising of funds. Second, it promotes the central role that both arts and culture play in society.
Creatives, investors and funders

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Renaissance Strategic Solutions offers legal, strategic, and creative advocacy services. Kim Robinson established the company in 2011 to put her passion for Africa to work. Although based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Renaissance has both an African and global reach. All three branches of the company enable people and organisations to flourish.

Our legal branch allows law firms and businesses to network across the Atlantic Ocean. Renaissance acts as that much-needed honest broker between Africa and the US. We specialise in connecting people and building lasting relationships. The Strategic Solutions branch offers a variety of organisational development services to corporates, SMEs, and NGOs. We assist your business and employees in unleashing their potential. Our third branch fosters creativity. First, we raise funds for African film and television. Second, we promote the arts.

South African entities please note: Renaissance is a level 4 BEE company.

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27 Nov 2017
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17 Jul 2017
14 Jul 2017

Ethics Training: Why it Matters

Our approach to ethics education is imaginative and energetic. Our training is ongoing, reality based and connected to values.